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When it's time to book your dream vacation, do you want to trust your hard earned vacation time and money to an internet search or to someone who is looking online to find you a vacation, or would you rather put your trust in someone who knows from personal experience exactly what best suits your travel needs?  You need a Modern Travel Professional!

We are a team of travel professionals who work with our clients to create personalized vacations that offer the most value for your vacation dollar. Instead of you spending hours scouring the Internet and hoping to craft the perfect vacation, our professionals use their knowledge and personal experience to ensure you find the perfect vacation fit.


At Modern Travel Professionals, we don't book every destination.  We book the destinations that we personally know and have experienced. By only booking destinations we know intimately, we can guarantee that the resort or cruise you choose doesn't just look great - it actually IS great!

Our Professionals are also experts at creating vacation experiences that fit you - whether you're traveling with your kids, your parents, your significant other, or by yourself, or whether you're traveling with food allergies or special needs, we are ready to assist you - learn more about our specialties below!

When it's time to experience expertise, it's time to call a Professional.

Meet the Professionals and find out who is the best fit for your next vacation!


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