Tired Of Coaching Programs That Only Train Other Coaches?

I Finally Found Something Different.

Todd Herman's 90-Day Year Transformed My Travel Business In Just 90 Days.


My name is Christine Hardenberger and I'm the owner of Modern Travel Professionals. I have been in the travel business for nearly 10 years and, during that time, I have wasted more money than I care to think about on coaching programs so that I could build my business.  What I found, though, was that most coaching programs are focused on helping other coaches build their coaching business.

WOW!  That seems like a house of cards to me.  

I wasn't looking to coach people (other than my agents). I just wanted some help organizing my business life and setting up processes that would allow me to get more done in less time.  I'm not launching courses. I'm not hosting webinars to sell my product.  I just want to grow my business without killing myself.


When I was right about at my wits' end, a friend introduced me to Todd Herman's FREE 90-Day Year Workshop Series.  I started watching the videos and everything began to change.

From OWW to WOW

It's all about mindset and processes.  That's it.  So much of Todd's training is common-sense, but it's also full of actionable processes that will actual make a difference in how you run your travel agent business.   

I can honestly say that from the very first free video, I was able to make changes that positively impacted my business.

Here's The Nitty Gritty

I hate all of these program launches where people are telling their "story" about how they went from working a minimum-wage job to sitting on the beach launching courses from their laptops and earning six figures. It's just bullshit.  That's not what happened for me.

I put a LOT of work into this course but, to be honest, I didn't give it 110% because of a bunch of personal stuff I had going on.  Even so, I was able to meet two goals that I set for myself -- hiring 5 experienced agents and doubling my monthly income for 2017.

In all transparency, I signed on as an affiliate for this round of the 90-Day Year because I tried the program and I saw real results.  I also know a lot of my travel agent friends have been trying to get their businesses to the next level and have been struggling to do so.  They are doing well, but not as well as they would like.

I really think the 90-Day Year can help.


The FREE workshop series is packed full of actionable information that will make a difference for you, if you put in the work.  


I'm not telling you it's going to be easy.  I'm telling you it's going to be worth it.