Affordable Getaways: Yes, You Can Have that Vacation!

Does a vacation seem out of reach?  Do you keep putting off making priceless memories because it seems too expensive?


I have a great surprise for you!  You can have an amazing  vacation on nearly any budget.  There's no need to empty the college fund or mortgage the house to make incredible memories together, whether you're dreaming of an incredible island vacation or a magical theme park vacation.

How can you do this?  Work with an expert.

It's About Expertise

When you work with a travel agent who specializes in their destinations, you will always save money. The experts at Modern Travel Professionals know how to get the most out of every vacation dollar, whether you're planning a cruise, a milestone vacation to Orlando, or visiting an island resort.  They will help you spend your money where it matters most.  Our experts zero in on the options that are the best value for your family and budget, so you can have an amazing vacation without breaking the bank. The end result is that you will have the vacation of your dreams for far less than you ever imagined possible!


Affordable Orlando Vacations

It can easily seem like that family vacation to Orlando's famous theme parks can be out of reach, but a vacation to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, or Discovery Cove can be more affordable than you think, with the right planning! An Orlando vacation can be affordable if you:

  • Choose the hotel or resort that offers the best combination of amenities and price to give you the best value

  • Have the correct park ticket options for your family to make the most of your vacation

  • Take advantage of less expensive times of year to travel

  • Spend your money where you will notice it most

Trust our experts to help you do Orlando right! We can assist you in making these choices so that you have a vacation that is both affordable and fits your family.

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Affordable Cruising

Cruising offers an incredible vacation value, making it an amazing option for an affordable vacation. A cruise includes everything from food to accommodations, entertainment and activities to kids' clubs, and on top of that you also have transportation to incredible ports around the world! A cruise vacation can be affordable if you:

  • Book early - cruise prices are typically best when the itineraries are first released

  • Opt for a port that's near to you to save on flight costs

  • Look for short escapes, such as shorter sailings to the Bahamas or Cuba

  • Take advantage of special offers or inclusions that are offered by the cruise lines

Trust our experts to help you find the perfect cruise for you!

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