Disney Cruise Line FAM Code of Conduct

Disney is VERY particular about how we conduct ourselves when we are representing one of their Earmarked travel agencies and so am I.  Some of these regulations are theirs and some are mine.  During this FAM, you are representing Modern Travel Professionals at all times.


By submitting your deposit, you are agreeing to the following:

  • At no time will you solicit any of the passengers or advertise the fact that you are a travel agent

  • Gratuities will be paid in the standard amount of  $36 per person.  Gratuities are included in your FAM cost.  You will not make adjustments to this amount. (Of course, you may always add additional gratuities).

  • Adult beverages will be consumed in moderation only

  • While you will receive your Castaway Club benefits as per your earned level, you will not invoke your status at any time.  For this trip, you are not Silver, Gold or Platinum -- you are MTP Blue

  • You are responsible for the behavior of your guests

If, at any time, you fail to uphold this Code of Conduct your contract with Modern Travel Professionals will be immediately terminated.

Please do not hesitate to contact Christine with any questions or concerns.