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Find Endless Inspiration

Let your imagination be captured by Europe - from ancient cities and medieval castles, to immersive art and history museums, to stunning architecture and charming villages, to delicious cuisine and fine wines, to breathtaking mountains, beaches, and rivers, Europe has so much to offer, and such an exciting variety of culture, history, landscapes, and food to discover.

There's so much to see in Europe, and so many different ways to visit! We at Modern Travel Professionals recommend these amazing vacation providers for seeing the best that Europe has to offer with no fuss and no stress.

Journey into the heart of Europe's beautiful cities and countryside with a European river cruise! Many of Europe's oldest and most culturally significant cities grew around the great waterways of Europe, so a river cruise is perfectly suited to bringing you right into the historical and cultural heart of Europe. When you board a river cruise, you'll be able to see the landscape drift by from the comfort of your stateroom, and then dock in the city center with easy access to all that your next destination has to offer.


Explore the breathtaking coastlines and ports of Europe with a European cruise! With itineraries including everything from the stunning Mediterranean to awe-inspiring Norwegian fjords, an ocean cruise allows you to experience some of Europe's most beautiful destinations - and you only have to unpack once!

When it's time to explore the world, it's time for Adventures by Disney.  With incredible itineraries throughout Europe featuring VIP-access, 5-star service, and stress-free travel, Adventures by Disney is the only choice for amazing family adventures. Be ready to enjoy incredible hands-on and exclusive experiences such as an after-hours tour of the Vatican Museum, an exclusive wine tasting in a royal wine cellar in Paris, and a private lunch at Floors Castle in Scotland.


Plan Your European Adventure!

Let's make your European adventure happen! Whether you're ready to explore Europe's waterways on a river cruise, enjoy VIP access to incredible European destinations with Adventures by Disney, or sail Europe's coastlines on an ocean cruise, our Professionals are ready to assist you!