Yes, You Can Travel Safely with Food Allergies

The stress of even thinking about traveling when you or your child has food allergies can be overwhelming -  the airport, the plane, the transportation to your hotel, the hotel itself, the meals, the activities.  It’s hard enough being on all the time at home. Where is the fun and relaxation when all that extra vigilance is required?

Our travel consultants that specialize in food allergies and dietary restrictions know how to run the gauntlet of travel with allergies, and are ready to help you do the same. So many families dealing with the varying degrees of food allergies limit their vacation options because they think that there is too great a risk elsewhere - but, what if I told you that you could go on vacation to a fun destination that is safe for your family and get a well-earned time-out for yourself?


Great Destinations for Guests with Food Allergies

There are indeed amazing vacation destinations that also take great care when it comes to food allergies and special dietary needs. These not only include popular theme park destinations, but also all-inclusive resorts for adults and kids alike in the Caribbean with programs dedicated to accommodating food allergies.  Or, many cruise lines, with advanced notice, may also accommodate a variety of allergies – even a hypoallergenic stateroom.

Some of our favorite destinations for accommodating food allergies are:



Safe Travel with Food Allergies

 With a little planning and help from our experts, you'll be able to relax and focus on the fun. Here are a few of the things our experts can assist you with:

  • Guide you to a vacation that fits your family and your needs

  • Discussing food allergy accommodations and policies for different destinations

  • Notifying hotels, cruise lines, and restaurants about your dietary needs

  • Requesting specialized allergen cleanings

Trust our experts to help you make your vacation dream a reality and have all the fun and relaxation your and your family deserve!

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