Heather Bishop-Dumka


Reconnecting Family Vacations

When was the last time you spent more than 30 minutes as a family? With no cell phone?With everyone together and and engaged? 


Everyone is busy today. Everyone has their heads bent looking at a phone.


My name is Heather and I had that problem. What "saved" my family time? A family vacation!

Our vacation of choice is Walt Disney World, Disneyland or Universal Orlando. Why? Because you are in a bubble! The immersive environment makes it easy to forget about the outside world. There is something for everyone. Great dining choice, amazing resorts and LOTS of fun!

I can help you find the resort that is right for you. That offers the amenities you and your family are looking for.  I can book the dining that you and your family will enjoy. We can do that in advance so there is no "where do YOU want to eat" every night. I can set up your transfers from the airport to resort and back. When you stay at a Walt Disney World, Disneyland or Universal Orlando resort you do not need a car. They have free transportation that takes you to their parks if it is not with in walking distance! Basically I set up almost everything for you so all you have to do is show up and have fun!


By the way my services are FREE for my clients who book with me. 

If you have a question or an issue on your vacation you just text or call me. 


If you want to focus on reconnecting and not on planning contact me at heather@moderntravelpros.com or at 603-455-6007.