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My name is Jen Trinidad - and I am one tired mama.

When was the last time you had a real vacation? I mean a vacation where you weren't still the one responsible for making sure everyone is fed - a vacation where you're not the one making sure everyone is ready on time - a vacation where you didn't get stuck still cleaning, cooking, or wrangling everyone's separate plans. Tired mamas everywhere know what this feels like - trips that feel like a vacation for everyone but you.


What if I told you that there's a way to have a vacation that's actually a vacation for everyone - including you? Imagine a vacation where you truly get to relax, rest, enjoy, and have fun with your family. No cooking, no cleaning, no wrangling, no stress, no feeling like you need another vacation as soon as this one is over.


Tired Mamas, it's time for the vacation you deserve.

It's time for a vacation that lets you relax along with your family! My job is to take the guesswork off your plate and act as your guide to relaxation and memorable experiences.


Whether you're looking for sun, sea, fjords, glaciers, or other experiences you've only dreamed of, my focus and expertise are there to help YOU make your vacation dreams come true. I always work with partners on your behalf who provide excellent service and value for your hard-earned travel investment.

When you are ready to travel, I'm here as your partner to help make it happen - contact me at or at 860-338-1035.

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