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Christine Hardenberger

Christine Hardenberger

Your Tropical Travel and Destination Weddings Expert

I'm Christine Hardenberger, owner of Modern Travel Professionals, and if you're dreaming of beaches and palm trees with a rum drink in hand, you need to talk to me.  I am your dedicated Tropical Travel Expert and I stand ready to serve.

I spend a lot of time - and a lot of my own money - visiting each island and resort so that I can share my experiences with my clients.  I'm here to give you the honest scoop and I have the knowledge to match you to your perfect tropical vacation. You can relax knowing that your destination doesn't just look great - it actually IS great. I'm your source for honest information, first-hand experience, and access to fabulous destinations.

In addition, as a veteran’s wife and a member of a first-responder family, I focus on finding the best possible deals for those who sacrifice so much to serve.  In fact, I offer a 10% discount to military and first responders!

Isn't it time that you were on a white sand beach under a palm tree?

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