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Jared Jimison

Jared Jimison

Disney Destinations Specialist

Hi! I am Jared Jimison hailing from North Alabama although I spent the majority of my youth in Kansas City.

Many who are into Walt Disney's historical rise to fortune and glory may recognize this as being the birthplace of Walt's Laugh-o-gram studios in the roaring 1920's! (Yes, I've driven past the location many times)

Walt has certainly left his mark on me and millions of others since then making his dreams come to life all over the world. As a lifelong Disney fan, it just made sense to move from casually helping my friends with tips, tricks, and trivia from my favorite destinations to officially planning and guiding guests of all ages to ensure they have the most magical vacation on earth.

I cater to older parents with younger children but I've also helped create the magic for those over 85 years of age! As a technical guru, I thoroughly enjoy the craftsmanship and engineering Walt Disney and Universal Studios provide to their guests. You can bet that although I am having a great time every time I go, I am constantly asking myself "how did they do that?!" so knowing how the magic is made doesn't spoil the fun for me and I will tell you as much or as little as you prefer when discussing your itinerary.

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Likes: Star Wars, Muppets, Disney, Marvel, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, and Harry Potter

Dislikes: Tofu, yams, and day-old churros

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