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Lori Cluney

Lori Cluney

Disney & Cruise Vacations

Travel is a wonderful way for families to share discovery and fun times together. This certainly has been true for me.  I am a New Orleans mom of three boys, four if you count my husband! I love to expose them to new experiences, satisfying our shared wanderlust, while not breaking the bank.

However, it's not always easy to plan for a family of 5. I have mastered the art of traveling outside the normal 4 person family restrictions as well as meeting everyone's needs and desires.  After researching and planning, some of our most memorable trips to date have been the Disney Alaska Cruise with time spent in Seattle and Vancouver, Disney World, as well as Niagara Falls and last minute weekend getaways.

Whether you plan to visit the historical sites, the glaciers of Alaska, the theme parks of Disney and Universal, the cruise ports of the Caribbean, or somewhere else, I can help you make memories that will last a lifetime while still maintaining savings and sanity.

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