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Nancy Bobby

Nancy Bobby

Bucket List Travel Specialist

Hi!  I’m Nancy Bobby -- a Baby Boomer currently checking things off my bucket list and I’m here to help you do the same thing.

I provide travel planning for those whose kids are grown and flown who are ready to travel and experience all those bucket list destinations that they could only dream of when they were busy with kids’ activities and needs.

I am one of you. I know how much you’ve looked forward to this time in your lives and that you have a list of places you can explore during this “Go-Go” phase of your life. Your kids are settled with lives of their own and now it’s time for you to plan some time for yourself. You may not be retired yet but are getting tired of working, to say nothing of being tired of all that the pandemic has brought into your lives. In fact, you’re just tired in general and relaxing on a well-planned vacation is even more important than it was before 2020.

Being in your shoes helps me to look at travel as you do, to focus on those great travel experiences that you’ve been dreaming of for so long. My husband and I also have our “travel bucket list” dreams – and so I’m especially mindful of just how important this vacation is for you and how long you’ve been waiting for it. Because of this, I will make sure you have the stress-free vacation of your dreams!

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