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Shannon Lindmeyer

Shannon Lindmeyer

Caribbean Cruise Specialist

Balancing a bustling life with work, family, and a myriad of  activities is no small feat. This is where Shannon Lindmeyer excels as a  Minnesota-based travel agent specializing in family vacations and group  travel, with a passion for crafting unforgettable Caribbean cruise  experiences. That is why he is dedicated to simplifying the travel  planning process for families and groups throughout Minnesota and  beyond.

If you are curious about the  photograph in Shannon's bio, yes, that is a monkey on his head! This  unique moment from one of his travels perfectly captures his belief in  creating 'core memories' with family and friends, an ethos he  enthusiastically applies to his travel planning.

A  proud lifelong resident of Minnesota, Shannon has developed a love for  sunny destinations like the Caribbean and the Bahamas. His passion for  travel was sparked by childhood road trips across the United States,  adventures under the stars, and flights to diverse places like Canada,  Hawaii, and England, enabled by his father's career in the airline  industry. These early experiences not only ignited his love for travel  but also taught him the value of exploring new places in shaping a  child’s perspective.

Shannon's love for  cruising began in adulthood, starting with a captivating Southern  Caribbean cruise aboard the Crown Princess. He is a firm believer in the  unique offerings of cruises, providing entertainment and new  experiences for every family member, all while enjoying the convenience  of a 'floating hotel.'

Having been married  for over 16 years and raising twin teenage boys, Shannon understands the  importance of family time. He knows that travel is about more than just  visiting new places; it is about the unforgettable memories that are  created, big or small.

As a travel  specialist, Shannon brings an extensive array of experience, training,  and personal insights to each travel plan he designs. His clients can  trust him to create the perfect family or group vacation, filled with  moments that will be treasured for a lifetime. Are you ready for your  next adventure? Shannon Lindmeyer is prepared to guide you on a journey  that promises lifelong memories.

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