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Tammie Gagliano

Tammie Gagliano

Empty Nest Travel Specialist

With  well over a decade of experience, Tammie Gagliano is a travel agent  specializing in empty nest travel, all-inclusive resorts, and Alaska  cruises.

Tammie’s  journey began over a decade ago, driven by her love for family travel,  but as her own family and her client’s needs evolved, so did her travel  focus. Now, as an empty nester herself, she crafts personalized  experiences for individuals and couples rediscovering the world  post-parenting, and those looking to share more adult travel experiences  with their children, and growing families.

Tammie  is passionate about Alaska, and especially Alaska cruising. This love  of Alaska started when she honeymooned on an Alaskan cruise way back in  1996. She brings an  intimate understanding of Alaska, by sea and land, having explored its  wonders multiple times alongside her family as young teens, and then  again as young adults. She has escorted large groups to Alaska, helping  to coordinate everything from cruise options, to Alaska Rail Adventures,  Denali exploration, and more.

Whether  you are planning your Empty Nest bucket list trip, relaxing at an  all-inclusive with your friends and family, or exploring the Majesty  that is Alaska, Tammie’s experience, and attention to detail, make her  the go-to travel agent for turning your travel dreams into cherished  memories.

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