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Do You Disney Bound?

Do you have any idea what that title means? Are you thinking, "Wow, her grammar is terrible. That should be Are You Disney Bound?" Let me explain.

Disney Bounding was started by blogger, Leslie Kay, who started the Tumblr blog, DisneyBound. The idea is that Disney fans can dress in outfits inspired by their favorite characters without dressing in a full blown costume. In fact, it's not about dressing in costumes at all, but in taking the colors, iconic symbols and the overall vibe of a character and turning it into an outfit that suits your style, body type and budget. It's a fun way to express your love of all things Disney without going too over the top (unless you want to).

Here are a few examples of her suggested outfits:

As you can see, they are not costume-y at all. In fact, they are everyday clothes that you can wear almost anyplace but put them together in an appropriate color scheme and you're Disney Bounding!

I've been wanting to try Disney Bounding for years but was always intimidated because I am not good at putting together outfits. You see, I'm the woman who buys the exact outfit off the mannequin because I'm that bad at putting outfits together. However, with our first Very Merrytime cruise coming up in just a month, I decided to take the plunge and Disney Bound for the entire trip!

Won't you come along for the ride as I figure out which characters to Bound, what I need and how to put this all together! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to join in the fun! Plus, I think we will have some sort of fun contest to make things a bit more interesting.

Hopefully, you will be inspired to Disney Bound, too!

Wish me luck!

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