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Disney Bounding on a Budget -- Maleficent (Evening)

MALEFICENT! If you know me at all, you know that I could not possibly skip Maleficent when it comes to my Disney Bounding experiment. Even better, her signature colors of purple and black fit into my budget color scheme perfectly!

My evening look for Maleficent is one of my favorites because it's just so darn wearable. I found this cute, purple dress that's made by Converse (of all people) and it's a wonderful cotton/spandex blend that I can see myself wearing for many summers to come. Add to that some sparkly shoes and my fabulous Maleficent accessories (I splurged on a FABULOUS necklace!) and I am already feeling like the Mistress of Evil!

So, what did it cost me to conjure up my inner Maleficent? Less than you'd think!

  • Dress: $13.99 from ThredUp

  • Shoes: $39.99 from DSW (but, remember, these were replacements for everyday shoes and I'm using them in several of the outfits)

  • Earrings: FREE from my jewelry box

  • Ring: FREE from my jewelry box

  • Necklace: $19.00 from Etsy. This was a totally unnecessary purchase as I have another Maleficent necklace (which you will see in the daytime outfit), but I loved it so much I decided to splurge!

The total cost of this outfit was $72.98 but the necklace was a complete splurge and the outfit would have been fine without it. The shoes, as I've mentioned before, were replacement for flat that had worn out so I spent a bit more as these will be every day shoes. So, in reality, the total cost of this outfit was $13.99! It's amazing how economical it can be to be evil!

Our cruise is in just a few days and I still have to share my Maleficent daytime look as well as my Jack Skellington and Dr. Facilier outfits so keep checking the blog!

See ya real soon!

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