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Didn't Book Your Trip Through Us? Here's How We Can Still Help!

Now more than ever is the time to have a travel planner on your side!

Our agents are fully on top of which cruise lines are allowing cancellations, through when, and how guests will be refunded or otherwise compensated. (Meanwhile, people are holding for 7 hours to talk to Costco Travel to find out if they are eligible to get a refund.)

We know who is discounting and who is holding the line on pricing. Yesterday one of our agents saved a guest over $3,000 on a future river cruise on the Rhine, from Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland using a new promotion from Crystal River Cruises!

That said, if you still prefer to research and book your own travel, here’s some ways you can help an industry of travel planners like us that are definitely hurting from the current conditions

  1. Even if you didn’t book your trip with us, we can help protect your vacation investment from unexpected emergencies with travel insurance. Did you know most private health insurances, and Medicare, won’t reimburse for medical expenses outside of the US? Contact us for a quote that includes cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption AND medical coverage if needed.

  2. Did you book your own Disney vacation between August 13 and November 1? Have you heard of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? You can buy your tickets from us, even if you booked the rest of your vacation on your own. (Though why would you? Our agents are there to assist with all aspects of your vacation when you book your vacation with us!)

  3. If you are staying in a timeshare or other non-hotel property in Orlando for your Universal or Disney vacation, let us book your park tickets also! We can even help you link them to My Disney Experience.

  4. Are you planning a Sandals or Beaches vacation without the help of a travel planner? We’d love to help but if you prefer to plan on your own, use our referral link - we get a small credit for referring you. Book Sandals or book Beaches here.

  5. Vacationing in the Caribbean over spring break or this coming summer, and looking to plan an excursion? ShoreTrips, Project Expedition, and Island Routes also have a referral program you can use that will give us a credit for referring you.

  6. Did you book your Disney vacation recently, and now feel overwhelmed and in need of assistance? Your reservation can be transferred to one of our agents so we can assist with all aspects of your trip, as long as you've booked within the last 30 days and haven't paid in full. Contact one of our travel pros!

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