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Taking a Rail Vacation in 2021

If you're ready to get away and explore in 2021, but aren't ready to fly yet and aren't looking to go through the testing required for international travel, it's time to take the scenic route and explore America's landscapes by rail! Rail vacations offer an inclusive, customizable, picturesque way to visit incredible landmarks and natural wonders across North America. With more ways to relax and enjoy your journey – including plenty of legroom, spectacular views, and unique dining experiences – getting there is half the fun!

With rail connecting some of the most beautiful and popular destinations across the United States and Canada, rail vacations offer an eco-friendly, flexible, and fun way to discover America.

Why take a vacation by rail?


We’re always advocates of taking the scenic route! With so much to see from the train windows on a rail vacation, getting to your destination is an experience unto itself. There's something classic and even romantic about taking the train - enjoy truly relaxing and taking in the scenery as you travel.


Say goodbye to long lines at airport security, early airport arrivals, and strict packing restrictions, or taking time to rent a car or deal with traffic. Plus, unlike most airports, train stations are usually located in the center of the cities they service. Forget long taxi transfers or bus journeys and arrive ready to hop off the train and into the middle of the action.


Say hello to turbulence-free rides and plenty of legroom! During your journey, feel free to stretch your legs and walk around! Many trains offer restaurant cars where you can sit and have a meal, or viewing cars with big windows where you can relax and watch the world go by.


Looking for a convenient package that you can customize just the way you want? Rail vacations are very flexible, and can be customized with your choice of dates, start and end points, additional destinations, extra hotel nights, and sightseeing options. Your rail vacation is tailored to your vacation dreams!

Ready for a trip to explore the American landscape, but with more convenience and comfort than a road trip? A rail vacation is perfect for you! It's especially well-suited to visiting America's incredible national parks. Learn more here!

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