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To Quarantine...and Beyond! Vacation Ideas for the New Normal

I hope that you and your family are staying safe and well both physically and mentally.  These days, the physical part seems a bit easier than the mental part.  Mentally, I think we are all starting to frazzle a bit.

For me, staying sane means creating a light at the end of this tunnel. I desperately need something to look forward to and, for me, that means a trip. I had such a busy and exciting spring planned and it's all been cancelled, which has really taken its toll on my morale.

So, I needed to plan a trip.

However, like you, my life is pretty uncertain right now.  As with the rest of the travel industry, my income has taken a hit and I'm not sure how much I will be able to spend on non-work trips this year.  Also, the reality is that travel probably won't look exactly the same for a while.

How in the world do I plan a trip when I don't know how much I can really spend or what's going to happen going forward?

Well, here's what I did as well as few things to consider as you plan future travel.

First, I planned my 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii for 2022.  Well, the bulk of it, at least. I was able to secure my room aboard Norwegian's Pride of America at an insanely good pricewith airfarewith just a $250 deposit that is completely refundable.  Now, I get to dream of tropical breezes and pineapples knowing that I a) have a really long time to pay for this and b) if things don't work out I lose nothing.

Second, I decided that while my special anniversary trip was a definite bright spot, I needed something to look forward to that was a bit closer in. To that end, I booked a Sandals getaway for Bil and myself at the end of July. This one is a little more hopeful and uncertain, but it makes me happy to believe I will get to go. Again, the $400 deposit is refundable and the flights can be changed without penalty so it's a no-risk way to make myself happy.

How do you create a light at the end of your tunnel? Plan your next trip. Whether it's for this year, next year or 2022, having something to look forward to can make a real difference on your outlook right now.

See my vacation suggestions and ideas below!

Post-Quarantine Vacation Ideas


If you want to plan something for later this summer or fall, there are a few options that are worth considering if we are traveling with restrictions such as continued social distancing.  The deals are pretty amazing, too!

US National Parks -- With their wide open spaces, the US National Parks are a great choice for post-quarantine travel. It's easy to social distance and you may not have to fly.  There are a ton of great tour options as well! Most can be booked through 2021. The Caribbean -- the Caribbean, overall, has had a very low rate of infection and most resorts have plenty of open space and wide beaches that will make social distancing easier if it remains necessary. As you know, I love Sandals and Beaches resorts, but there are lots of other great options as well.  

Longer Term If you are thinking of taking a trip in 2021 or 2022, now is the time book.  The cruise lines, resorts and tour companies are all offering amazing deals and flexible cancellation policies. Message one of our Travel Pros and we can explore some options!

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