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Sail the World's Waterways in Luxury

River cruising allows you to experience your destination in ways no other vacation can! Cruise into the heart of the cultural, historical, and gastronomical centers of Europe, and marvel at the stunning landscapes from the comfort of your stateroom. A river cruise brings you on an amazing journey that's far more than just a vacation - it's a voyage of cultural and artistic discovery!


River cruises provide a worry-free and stress-free journey, not just because you don't have to deal with tour buses, hauling luggage around, or unpacking and re-packing at each city. River cruises are also an incredible value because of how much is included, especially activities and services you would be paying extra for with a land vacation.

Here is what's typically included with a river cruise:

  • Beautiful accommodations with deluxe furnishings, spacious bathrooms, and many with balconies for taking in the architecture and landscapes as you sail

  • All meals, from breakfast and lunch buffets to multi-course dinners, featuring local ingredients and flavors

  • Coffee and tea throughout the day, bottled water in your stateroom replenished daily, and beer, wine, and soft drinks at meals

  • At least one shore excursion in each port led by a knowledgeable, English-speaking guide

  • Complimentary Internet service and entertainment on demand through your stateroom TV

  • Onboard performances and programs

What Makes River Cruising Different?

River cruising is a unique way to experience destinations like Europe and southeast Asia, but why river cruising? What makes it special?

  • The Heart of Your Destination - River cruise vessels will take you right into the heart of the city. Many of the cities on these itineraries were built along major waterways, so river cruises can perfectly situate guests near the city center.

  • It's All Included - River cruises offer an incredible array of inclusions, from shore excursions to Internet access to most alcoholic beverages, which are not typically included with ocean cruises.

  • Quiet and Intimate - If you feel intimidated by the size of ocean cruise vessels, a river cruise ship offers more intimate spaces and fewer crowds, with more opportunities to get to know your crew and fellow passengers

  • More Destination Time - With river cruises, you'll likely be arriving at a new destination each day, and at many of these the ships won't depart until that night, giving you time to enjoy an evening at your destination. Even during sailing, you get to enjoy your destination as you float by the landscape.


If you're ready to explore everything a river cruise has to offer, our Professionals are happy to help! At Modern Travel Professionals, we recommend river cruise lines that offer a high standard of service with a wide variety of itineraries. Our Professionals are ready to assist you in choosing the best river cruise for you!

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