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Traveling with special needs, or with a child or family member with special needs, can seem daunting or even impossible, and presents challenges that require additional planning. With the right planning ahead of time, though, your vacation can be relaxing and enjoyable for everyone – and you don’t have to do that planning alone.

Our agents are here to help you navigate the unique challenges of traveling with special needs to make your vacation experience the best possible. From accessible hotel rooms and cruise staterooms, to transportation options, to planning your day, our experts have first-hand experience of the destinations we work with so they can guide you through the options and find a vacation for your family that everyone will enjoy.


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Many of the destinations that we work with offer programs and accommodations designed to make their vacation experience inclusive and enjoyable for all guests. Our experts are also happy to assist you with making required arrangements and making sure your needs are communicated.



A cruise vacation offers the experience of exploring the world with the convenience of only needing to unpack once, and for guests with disabilities or special needs, today’s cruise lines are dedicated to making the cruise experience accessible and inclusive. Cruise ships, especially the newer ships, offer accessible stateroom options, wheelchair accessibility at venues throughout the ship, accommodations for those with visual or hearing impairments, assistance with embarkation and debarkation, trained kids club staff, and programming for guests with autism. Our preferred cruise lines include:


Beaches Resorts

Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean offer a variety of activities for kids of all ages as well as a complimentary Kids Camp. All nannies and Kids Camp staffers at Beaches Resorts are members of the International Nanny Association, America's oldest and largest in-home child care association. To become accredited, each nanny must meet the minimum requirement of 2,000 hours of child-care services. Additionally, Beaches Resorts' nannies have been trained in safety, nutrition and child development.


The Kids Camps ensures that team members have the requisite knowledge, skills, temperament, and expertise to cater to all children, including those with autism and other special needs, and offer age-specific programs for infants, toddlers, pre-teens and teens. Beaches is also home to the Caribbean's first Autism-Friendly Kids Camps. Beaches has partnered with The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), a global leader in online training and certification programs. Their staff receive continuous training so that your child is always in good hands.

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Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort

The Disney Theme Parks strive to accommodate special needs families so that everyone can enjoy a magical vacation. Find out more about accommodations and special needs programs below.

Special Needs at Walt Disney World

Special Needs at Disneyland

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