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Cooking Around the World Showcase -- Mexico (Day 2)


The cooking adventure continues! Last night Nik and I made Salpicón. Salpicón is a slow-cooked, shredded beef that is used as a filling in tacos, burritos and the like. Although the recipe called for this to be made on the stovetop, I put the beef, garlic, bay leaves and onion in the crockpot and it was amazing! After cooking and shredding the beef, we added the rest of the ingredients and enjoyed the mixture rolled in corn tortillas with avocado. It was truly one of the best Mexican meals I have ever had. The beef was tender and flavorful and the bit of cheese and avocado really rounded out the meal. Normally, I use flour tortillas because corn tortillas tend to rip, but I stuck to the recipe this time and I am glad I did. As Nik was eating, he said to me, "This wouldn't be half as good if we hadn't used corn tortillas" and he was right. The corn tortillas added a chewy texture and a depth of flavor that really enhanced this dish. The recipe made a lot of filling so we put a batch in the freezer for next time.

Cooking Around the World Showcase

So far, our little experiment is working out really well. Nik and I are enjoying discovering new dishes and he, as always, has fun with the cooking. For my part, I am loving the extra time with my "baby."

We have one more night of Mexican cooking before we move on around the world. Next up, we are making carnitas that will be used to make some yummy enchiladas!

See ya real soon!

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