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4 Walt Disney World Vacation Myths Busted

Walt Disney World has plenty of myth and legend surrounding it, and there are plenty of Walt Disney World vacation myths that often make people think twice about visiting. Here are a few vacation planning myths I’ve heard that are simply not true.

Walt Disney World is too crowded, I’ll have to spend hours in line to ride anything!

I’m not here to say that Walt Disney World doesn’t attract large crowds – because it does, especially during the summer and around Christmas. Does this mean that you’ll only be able to do anything by waiting for hours in line? Absolutely not. With good planning, you can avoid the majority of long lines and make the most of your vacation, and you can avoid making these Disney World vacation myths a reality. Arrive well before the park opens, have a good plan to tour the park, and make full use of FastPass+. Not only will you get to do a lot more, but your whole trip will be more relaxing.

It’s just a theme park – Walt Disney World doesn’t need that much planning.

Because Walt Disney World is made up of four hugely popular theme parks, two water parks, two dozen resorts, and dozens of popular restaurants, rides, and shows, I rarely recommend that anyone “wing it” for their vacation – especially for a first-time visit. This doesn’t mean that you need to plan every minute of every day, but planning ahead will allow you to make the most of your time. Make advanced dining reservations (it’s very difficult to get into some restaurants otherwise), make FastPass reservations, know what park you want to visit each day, and know ahead of time what attractions are the most important to your group.

We don’t need to visit any other parks besides the Magic Kingdom.

I love the Magic Kingdom. It’s a beautiful, amazing, fun park with many of my favorite attractions, and it’s a must-visit for us every trip. I do know some folks who have been to Walt Disney World multiple times and only visited the Magic Kingdom. If you’re only visiting the Magic Kingdom, though, you’re missing out on three other amazing theme parks, from Epcot’s gorgeous World Showcase, to Hollywood Studios’ amazing thrill rides, to the beautiful theming of the Animal Kingdom. Now, everyone’s vacation preferences are different – there’s nothing wrong with spending most of your vacation at your favorite park. If you have the time, though, I highly recommend branching out to the other parks, because they are all worth seeing.

Walt Disney World is just for kids.

Walt Disney World is a place for families and friends of all ages to have fun together, and with a little of something for everyone, it’s definitely not just for kids. My all-adult family has been visiting for years and we enjoy it every time, from our favorite rides and shows to the amazing restaurants across the property. Seasonal events like the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival or the Epcot Food and Wine Festival appeal specifically to adults, and there are all kinds of other out-of-the-box activities for adults from behind-the-scenes tours to fireworks cruises. Walt Disney said that his theme parks were a place for the young and the young at heart – and we’re all just a bunch of grown-up kids, anyway.

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