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Busting 5 Common Sandals Myths

You have likely already heard of Sandals Resorts at some point or seen it advertised - but, what are Sandals Resorts actually like? If you've only heard bits and pieces about Sandals Resorts, today we're going to bust 5 common myths about Sandals Resorts.

1. Sandals is an All-Inclusive, Right? Those are Just One-Size-Fits-All

While the first part is true - Sandals Resorts are all-inclusive - the second part could not be more false. Sandals Resorts offer a huge range of resorts with different atmospheres, amenities, and activities, and within each resort is an incredible array of room and suite options, from sky pools to swim-up suites to hillside villas. Sandals Resorts pride themselves on personalized experiences, so you can find unique, beautiful accommodations that fit your dream vacation.

2. If I Just Stay on a Resort, I Won't Be Able to Explore the Island

While much of the Sandals Resorts experience is on-site at the resort, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the island your resort is on during your stay. Sandals Resorts offer a wide selection of excursions through their provider, Island Routes, so that you can explore the natural beauty and culture of the island with a knowledgeable guide. Many of the resort's included activities will also allow you to explore the island, such as exploring the many diving sites available at many of the islands.

3. Sandals is Just for Young Couples

While you may seem some of the advertisements for Sandals Resorts and assume that resorts are only for young couples, nothing could be further from the truth. Sandals Resorts cater to a wide age range, and whether you're celebrating vow renewals, a second honeymoon, or a milestone anniversary, Sandals Resorts provides a wonderful place to celebrate.

4. Sandals Resorts are Too Expensive

While budget-conscious guests may initially be skeptical of the price of Sandals Resorts, we always encourage our guests to remember that value and price are not the same thing - and, you have to look carefully at what you're getting for the price. Sandals Resorts have so many services and activities included, and while other resorts may seem to be less expensive on the surface, that may not be true once you add in all the additional expenses such as airport transfers, gratuities, charges for activities, equipment rentals, and more. See more about everything that Sandals Resorts include in your stay.

5. But What About Hidden Fees?

While there are some special services or activities that come with an additional fee at Sandals Resorts, such as spa treatments and diving certification, these are indicated up front - you won't get surprised by additional fees. At Sandals Resorts, you won't pay extra for specialty dining, premium drinks, water sports, water sports equipment, or land sports. Several Sandals Resorts also include golf, which can be a significant expense if arranged separately. In short, Sandals Resorts allow you to relax knowing that everything you need to enjoy your vacation is already included.

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