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What Does a Travel Agent Do, Anyway?

So what exactly does a travel agent do? A lot more than you might think! We do much more than simply book your trip - we're your resource for everything you need to make your vacation amazing!

Provides First-Hand Experience

One of the most crucial things a travel agent offers is first-hand experience of your destination. It's difficult to truly know a destination without visiting it personally, and the best travel agents continually visit and stay updated on the destinations they sell so that they can offer advice and knowledge that come from direct experience. At Modern Travel Professionals, we don't sell every destination because we only sell the ones that we personally know and visit - this way, we can assure our clients that their resort or destination really is the perfect choice for them.

Navigates Around Common Pitfalls

When planning a vacation to somewhere you haven't been before, you often don't know what you don't know. Different destinations may have their own requirements, terminology, planning tools, or offerings that you may not know about unless you know the right questions to ask. An experienced travel agent knows the questions to ask, and how to avoid common mistakes. Your travel agent can guide you through everything from scheduling flights around your cruise to

Prevents Information Overload

If you search for anything travel-related online, you'll come up with millions of potential results - and who has time to sift through all of that information? A travel agent who specializes in the destination you're interested in will be able to narrow down the options for you, and zero in on the best option for you. You also don't have to worry about scouring the Internet for answers to questions about your hotel, resort activities, theme park attractions, dining options, and so on - all you have to do is contact your travel agent, and they'll be able to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need. There's no need to wander through conflicting and incomplete information online when you have an expert already familiar with you and your vacation to assist you with all your questions.

Saves Time & Money

Of course, everyone wants to save time and money, right? When you work with an experienced travel agent, you'll always save time - rather than sifting through the overwhelming amount of information you'll find online, you have a direct, reliable contact for all your questions. A travel agent will also help you get the best value out of your vacation. We know all the options, so we can hone in on the best combinations of amenities and price. We know where it's best to spend so that you notice it most, and where you can save on your vacation. Our agents are also always looking for the best ways to get their clients the best value possible, even after booking.

Offers That Personal Touch

There's one big thing that no online travel booking site can offer: someone that truly cares about you and your vacation. The best travel agents are truly invested in making sure you have the best travel experience possible. All of the advice and planning assistance we offer is personalized to you and what you want out of your vacation, whether you're going out on a quick weekend getaway, celebrating an extra-special birthday or anniversary, or getting the whole family together.

Ready to get personal service and the best value on your next vacation? Contact one of our experts!

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