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How to Celebrate On a Birthday Trip

Vacations and travel are much more likely to stick in our memories than many other experiences, even including birthdays - so, a great way to make a birthday truly special is to celebrate with a trip! There are so many destinations that are perfect for celebrating a birthday. Here are some tips for making sure your vacation celebration is extra-special.

First of all, whether you're staying at an all-inclusive resort, going on a cruise, or headed to a theme park, you can often let your hotel or cruise line know ahead of time if you're celebrating a birthday. This gives them the opportunity to share in your celebration and help make your vacation extra-special. For example, Walt Disney World and Disneyland offer celebration buttons for guests celebrating a birthday that you can wear around the theme parks.

Your trip is already special since you're visiting an awesome destination on your birthday, but there are additional ways to make a birthday trip an even more special occasion. Celebrating your little ones' birthday? How about a meal with their favorite characters? Partner with your travel agent for scheduling a character meal, whether you're visiting the Disney Theme Parks or are ready to enjoy Sesame Street characters at Beaches Resorts.

Celebrating an adults' birthday instead? Make a cruise extra-special with an adventurous excursion at one of the ports you'll be visiting, or relax with a spa treatment. For those visiting the couples-only Sandals Resorts, you can celebrate with a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach.

Another way to add something special to a birthday celebration is to bring a festive mood right into your hotel or stateroom! Many destinations offer options to decorate your accommodations. Walt Disney World's on-site hotels offer in-room celebrations with a variety of themes. On Disney Cruise Line, you can opt for fun birthday decorations or other treats to be set up in your stateroom. Ask your travel agent about available options.

Last but not least, be sure to let your travel agent know that you're celebrating a birthday on your visit. They can notify your hotel, resort, or cruise line, give you all the details on options for your special occasion trip, and set up dining reservations and special add-ons for you.

Contact one of our experts for your next birthday adventure!

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