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  • Melissa Paradiso

Relaxing in Paradise: Review of the Red Lane Spa at Sandals Royal Bahamian

They say that self care is important, yet many of us rarely take the time to do it. That is why when I found out that I would be going to Sandals Bahamian Resort in Nassau, I decided to book a much needed massage for myself.

When I logged on to the Red Lane Spa section of the Sandals website, I found seven wonderful massages to choose from:

  • Deep Relief - Designed to alleviate muscle tension

  • Raindrop Dreams - Designed to reconnect with your physical and energetic balance

  • Feet First - A wonderful 30 minute foot treatment

  • Reflexology - Designed to use the pressure points in the feet to encourage healing and renew energy flow

  • Hot Stone Therapy - Designed to use the healing power of heat to sooth muscle tension

  • Mother-2-Be - Designed for women who are past their first trimester to relieve aches and pains

  • States of Slow Massage - This massage has two types: Drift Away-a calming massage where the therapist’s hands mimic ocean waves and Infinity Loving- a restorative massage that is enhanced by Chinese Jasmine.

As someone who uses essential oils on a regular basis, I decided to go with the Raindrop Dreams massage. This massage is a 90 minute treatment that utilizes seven essential oils along your spine to help balance your physical and energetic self and is followed by a full body and foot massage.

It was very important to me to have a knowledgeable therapist who would walk me through each step of the process and I could not have been more pleased with my experience! My therapist talked me through every step of the massage as well as the purpose of each oil. My massage started with a warm cloth for my feet to help ground me and get me ready for the aromatherapy.

The aromatherapy started with lavender to relax my mind and muscles. Next we used thyme, to remove bacteria from the spine. Then we used basil which is an anti-inflammatory oil, followed by Cyprus for circulation then birch to remove toxins, followed by Marjoram for pain relief, and finally peppermint to cool the muscles. After the aromatherapy I felt extremely relaxed and calm. The best part was that there was still another 60 minutes of massage to look forward to!

I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a great way to relax even more while on vacation!

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