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5 Reasons a Cruise is the Perfect Gift

If you're looking for a gift that your family, children, or spouse will never forget, there's no better gift than a cruise! We already love the experience and value of cruising, and that makes it an excellent gift for those looking for experiences and memories made together! Here's why a cruise is the perfect gift.

1. There's Something for Everyone

When you're planning for the whole family, it can sometimes be difficult to balance everyone's interests and settle on something that everyone is happy with. The great thing about a cruise is that there's something for everyone! Kids and teens have their own play and hang-out clubs, adults have their own spaces and entertainment, plus there are activities that the whole family can enjoy together, making everyone happy!

2. So Much is Included

Springing for a cruise as a gift may seem out of reach, but if you're cruising with the whole family, weigh that against purchasing individual gifts for everyone - plus, cruising is an incredible value. Ocean cruises include so much with your cruise fare! Everything from multi-course dinners and casual snacks, to nightly entertainment and daily activities, to kids' club programming, to your accommodations and, of course, transportation to ports of call around the world!

3. There's a Cruise for Every Vacation Style

You may see this and think that it's not a good fit because you and your family 'aren't cruise people.' Often, this comes up because new cruisers don't know about all the possibilities with cruising. There are a variety of cruise lines available, each with their own vibe and personality. If you're looking to party through your cruise, there are cruise lines that are great for that - but if you're looking for more family-friendly cruises (or more adult-friendly), or cruises that have a quieter atmosphere, those are available, as well. Talk to your travel agent about the type of vacation personality your family or other vacation gift recipient has, and they can match you to the perfect experience.

4. Check Off a Bucket List Destination

If you think a cruise would be a great gift for your family or your spouse, but you're not excited about a cruise to the Caribbean or the Bahamas, don't worry! Cruise lines visit tons of destinations around the world, far beyond the usual sun and sand itineraries. Any destination that's on your recipient's bucket list probably has a cruise that goes there, from the Mediterranean to Alaska to southeast Asia!

5. It's a Gift Everyone Will Remember

w Do you remember most of the Christmas or birthday gifts you received as a kid? I'm far more likely to remember trips my family went on than the specific items I received as gifts when I was little. Gifting an experience, rather than things, is a great way to make awesome memories together - plus, making the memories together means you get to enjoy the gift, as well!

Ready to make memories? Contact our travel pros!

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