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Five Ideas for Gifting a Disney Vacation

Ready to give the gift of magic? The season of giving is almost here, and there are so many wonderful experiences from Disney destinations to gift to your loved ones this holiday season. If you’re looking for a gift that your family, children, or spouse will never forget, go for experiences and memories made together at the world’s most magical destinations!

If this sounds like an amazing gift, you may still want to know - what do I put under the tree? How do I gift wrap a vacation? Well, here are some ideas to make your vacation gift extra special:

  • Purchase a helium-filled Mickey balloon (or a few), and place it in a big box and wrap it up. When they unwrap and open the box, the balloon will fly out to announce your upcoming Disney adventure!

  • Create a Disney-themed scavenger hunt around the house that ends with a huge sign saying "We're going to Disney World (or Disneyland, or on a Disney cruise, etc.)"

  • Buy Disney-themed travel items like Mickey or Minnie ears, sunglasses, luggage tags, activity books, or T-shirts, and gift those as a ‘getting ready for Disney’ bag. You can also buy a suitcase to pack everything in as a gift, especially if this is your kid’s first big trip!

  • Create an invitation from Mickey Mouse, or another favorite Disney character, inviting your gift recipient to visit them in the theme parks, at sea on a cruise, or in Hawai’i.

  • Create an advent calendar with hints that lead to the big reveal when they open the last door! (Here’s a tutorial for an advent calendar you can make yourself just using colored paper bags and ribbons, or this simple one using envelopes).

The best gifts make memories that last for years to come. To put the perfect gift under the tree this year, contact our Travel Pros!

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