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Why You Should Book Your Vacation Early

Our clients are often surprised when we recommend booking a vacation 6-12 months in advance. Do you really need to book that far in advance? Yes, if you want to take advantage of the benefits of booking early!


Travel is back and more popular than ever, so waiting until the last minute can sometimes mean that your preferred destination, hotel, cruise, or tour isn’t available. If you want to make sure that you have access to plenty of choices when you book, book early - it’s the best way to guarantee that you get exactly what you want.


You’ve probably heard of getting good “last-minute” deals on hotels or cruise lines, and while those do sometimes happen, the best pricing is usually available right when dates are first released, especially for cruise itineraries. In fact, these early prices are often lower than any later last-minute “deals” are - plus, you don’t have to worry about whether a deal will pop up or not.


Worried about needing to make changes? Most of the destinations we work with don’t charge change fees if you need to make changes before your trip. Plus, there are insurance options available to give you extra peace of mind.


Booking your trip early also makes it easier to save, since you can make payments towards your trip over time. Put a little towards your trip every month, rather than having to pay a large trip balance all at once.


Booking early also means that you’re ready to make reservations for excursions, tours, dining, and other activities, many of which can be popular and may sell out. Being prepared by having your trip already confirmed means that you’re set to snag any high-demand reservations (plus your travel agent can assist you with those as well!)

Have any questions about getting your next trip booked? Contact our Travel Pros!

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