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Vegetarian Eating at 'Ohana

If you've ever eaten at the 'Ohana restaurant at Walt Disney World, you know it's one of the best meals on property. Not only do you get to enjoy the tropical atmosphere of Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, you get to feast on amazing food. Everything from the pineapple-coconut bread to the pork dumplings and hot wings to the endless courses of flame-grilled chicken, beef and shrimp are a delight to the senses. Oh, and let's not forget the famous 'Ohana bread pudding! But, what is a vegetarian to do as your the server brings out an endless stream of meat? This was the question at the top of my daughter's mind as we entered 'Ohana for dinner. She was more than a bit afraid that she might be in for a dinner of bread and salad. She could not have been more pleasantly surprised.

As soon as we were seated, we informed our server that Emily is vegetarian and were greeted with, "No problem!" She explained that she would bring out a separate salad that did not have cream in the dressing (this was actually the vegan option but we gave it a try and it was YUMMY!). Then, instead of dumplings and hot wings, they brought out an amazing hummus appetizer.

Then, as the skewers of meat started their endless parade, Emily was brought a fabulous-looking entree of tofu and vegetables prepared with the same Polynesian flavors as the food the rest of us were eating. Emily doesn't normally love tofu, but she enjoyed this immensely!

Even though the standard side dishes don't contain meat, they brought Emily her own special plate to be certain that nothing had been cross-contaminated.

Those with special diets are often treated as an afterthought at restaurants with just one or two sad choices that don't compare with the meals of other diners. This was absolutely not the case at 'Ohana. Emily was able to enjoy a varied meal that closely resembled what everyone else was eating in flavor and preparation. She enjoyed the experience as much as the rest of us did!

It's worth noting that 'Ohana would also be an excellent choice for vegans. The salad can be brought with a vegan dressing and the appetizer and entree that Emily was served was vegan. While we didn't try it since bread pudding is vegetarian, there is also a vegan dessert option.

With it's focus on grilled meat, 'Ohana might not be the first restaurant that jumps to mind for vegetarians and vegan, but it's actually an excellent choice. Give it a try!

Traveling with food restrictions? Trust your Walt Disney World vacation to an expert! Call Christine at 804-833-8050 or email to ensure the best possible Walt Disney World vacation no matter what you eat!

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