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Top 5 Disneyland Thrill Rides

Disneyland is well known for providing fun for the whole family, and it also has some fantastic thrill rides that thrill seekers will love to visit. Here are my top 5 Disneyland thrill rides.

Indiana Jones Adventure – It’s all fun and games until someone looks into the eye of the idol. In one of Disneyland’s most thrilling rides, you’re tasked with going into a mysterious temple in search of missing tourists, and Indy himself. Guests board a large jeep (guests familiar with DINOSAUR at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom will see some similarities) and head out on a bumpy trek into a temple filled with traps, snakes, crumbling pathways, and other dangers. This ride sees long lines throughout the day and is an excellent use of FastPass.

Matterhorn Bobsleds – One of Disneyland’s most classic and iconic thrill rides, the Matterhorn is easily visible from around the park. You’ll ascend the mountain to find disturbing signs that those legends of a creature lurking there are true, and then it’s a race back down the mountain with a few close encounters on the way down. This ride is very popular but does not offer FastPass – it does, however, have a single rider line.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Take a wild ride through the wilderness on a runaway mine train – what could go wrong? This roller coaster has always been one of my favorites for the sheer level of detail that manages to subtly tell the story of the ride through theming. The ride itself is a fast and sometimes bumpy venture through the mountains with sudden drops and turns.

Splash Mountain – Splash Mountain is a combination of two great things: classic Disney dark ride audio-animatronics, and some scream-worthy thrills. This log flume ride takes guests through the story of Brer Rabbit, interspersed with fast drops and splash. The ride culminates in a 50+ foot drop, where you will get wet – maybe even soaked!

Hyperspace Mountain – I love Space Mountain in all of its incarnations that I’ve ridden – it’s fast, thrilling, and fun, making one of our favorite choices of the Disneyland thrill rides. Currently Disneyland is hosting Hyperspace Mountain, a special overlay of Space Mountain that puts guests into the middle of an X-wing battle. The ride features sudden drops and sharp turns, all in the dark of space as you attempt to evade tie fighters on your tail. This ride is a fantastic use of FastPass, especially since it became Hyperspace Mountain. Be sure to get your FastPass early, as they often run out by afternoon.


Elizabeth Perry is a travel planner with Modern Travel Professionals, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, and part of The Affordable Mouse team. She's a planner, a vacation enthusiast, and quite the nerd. Even better, she's dedicated to helping you plan a fun, fantastic vacation so you can visit the worlds of your favorite stories and create great memories. You’ll be able to find the resources you need to plan a spectacular vacation, get personalized service for all your trip needs, and have a guide that knows all the inside secrets. Contact her at

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