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7 Things to Pack for Universal Orlando Resort

There’s nothing more exciting than getting started on packing for your vacation, because that means it’s almost here! There are, of course, lots of basics to pack – to be more specific, though, here are a few items to pack for Universal Orlando Resort.


We’ve found that having lanyards with at least a credit-card sized pouch on the end really come in handy. Most of Universal Orlando’s admission media are paper, so you’ll want something to protect them from getting wet. You’ll probably have several different items you’ll need to use during the day (park tickets, Express Passes, hotel key card, dining plan card, special event admission), so it helps to have them easily accessible in the same place instead of rooting around in your bag.

Nausea medication

This will vary, of course, but it’s something I always take with me. Many of the rides at Universal Orlando can cause motion sickness, whether it be from upside-down roller coasters or 3D simulator rides. Bringing this with me helps me enjoy the rides without getting sick.

External charger

I know many now use their phones as their cameras, and you may also be posting those pictures on social media, texting your group if you split up, or checking Universal’s official app for wait times. There aren’t many outlets available in the parks, so keep your phone charged by bringing an external battery with you.


This is something to have anytime you visit central Florida. There’s always a chance of rain any time of year, but especially in the summer and early fall. Unless there is severe weather, most rides will continue operating, so don your poncho and keep on rolling.

Waterproof pouch or bag

There are several rides at Universal Orlando where you can get wet or completely soaked. These rides do offer lockers for a fee, but if you only need to keep your phone and wallet dry, you may just want to pop them in a waterproof bag, like a Ziploc, for the ride.

Hand sanitizer

Universal’s theme parks greet thousands of people, and that means there have been lots of hands on railings, handles, and ride restraints. No one wants to get sick on vacation, so wash your hands when you can and use hand sanitizer often.

Water bottles

Universal allows guests to bring in their own drinks, as long as they’re non-alcoholic and not in a glass bottle. We often bring our own water bottles and fill them up at water fountains. You can also bring snacks in with you.

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