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Why Is a Cruise a Good Value?

October is Plan a Cruise Month, and to celebrate, let's take a look at why cruising is an excellent value for your vacation! Cruising allows you to visit incredible destinations around the world with one of the best vacation values around, since so much is included in your cruise fare. You can choose from itineraries sailing pretty much anywhere in the world, where you can enjoy stunning ports of call during the day and enjoy world-class dining, entertainment, and activities on board your ship.

If you haven't cruised before, you may be asking - why cruising? ​

First of all, cruising is an incredible value. Ocean cruises include so much with your cruise fare! Everything from multi-course dinners and casual snacks, to nightly entertainment and daily activities, to kids' club programming, to your accommodations and, of course, transportation to ports of call around the world!

Cruising also allows you to see the world but only unpack once! Your cruise ship is like your floating hotel - unlike a land vacation, you don't have to go through the hassle of re-packing, heading to a new hotel, and unpacking again each time you move to a new destination - with a cruise, your accommodations go with you! You'll only have to unpack once, and you'll have access to all the conveniences and activities of your cruise ship throughout your vacation.

Cruises also offer something for everyone! No matter your age or who's cruising with you, there's a cruise for you! Whether you're taking the kids, taking your parents, going on your honeymoon, celebrating with friends, or enjoying your retirement, there's a cruise for you! Because of their wide range of activities, cruises also make great options if you're traveling with multiple generations!

Last but not least, cruise lines go above and beyond in providing excellent service. One of the many highlights for frequent cruisers is the service and staff. From the dining rooms to your stateroom, there is always someone there to help make your vacation special.

Ready to make your cruise adventure a reality? Contact one of our experts!

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