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Celebrating with Princess Cruises

One of the best ways to celebrate a special occasion - and make it memorable - is to travel for your celebration, and Princess Cruises has plenty of ways to make a celebration meaningful and memorable.

Note Your Celebration

Princess Cruises wants to know when you're celebrating something special so that they can help you celebrate! Let your travel agent know that you're celebrating and they can note it on your reservation, and it doesn't hurt to tell your wait staff at dinner that you're celebrating, as well.

Mark the Occasion

There are lots of opportunities onboard to capture the memories of your celebration, from photographers at dinner to formal night photos. For something more special and intimate, you can also book a private photo session to mark the occasion, whether you're getting honeymoon photos, or getting pictures with the whole family together.

Ultimate Balcony Dining

If you're staying in a balcony stateroom, you can bring fine dining and excellent service right to your balcony with Ultimate Balcony Dining, a romantic four-course meal with champagne, served right on your balcony with your own wait staff. It's the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or honeymoon, or surprise your significant other for their birthday. You can also opt for the Deluxe Balcony Breakfast, and enjoy a delicious breakfast spread from the comfort of your stateroom balcony.

Take Advantage of Celebration Packages

If you'd like to add something extra to your celebration, or give a gift to someone who's celebrating to enjoy on their cruise, Princess Cruises offers a variety of celebration packages. You can choose from Birthday Girl and Birthday Guy packages, or a Kids Party Package for kids' birthdays. For anniversaries and honeymoons, there's the SHARE the Love package with dinner for two, champagne, and chocolates, or gift a deluxe balcony breakfast with the Breakfast Lovers' Package.

Check Something Off Your Bucket List

Princess Cruises offers an incredible variety of itineraries around the world. There are plenty of options if you're looking for the traditional sun and sand, but if you're looking for something more unique, there are so many options to choose from! Marvel at glaciers in Alaska, explore the coastlines of Australia and New Zealand, take in the history of the Mediterranean, discover the beauty and culture of southeast Asia, take in seasonal festivals and ancient sites in Japan, and more! Whatever's on your bucket list, there's no better way to make a celebration memorable.

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