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Why Adventures by Disney? Hear from a Real Guest!

What makes Adventures by Disney so special? Guest who have been on an Adventures by Disney vacation know – hear from one of our guests about their experience on an Adventures by Disney itinerary at Disneyland Resort!​ "The VIP began at the airport. When we arrived at baggage claim we were greeted by our own driver holding a sign with private transportation to Disneyland. It says in the description that it is a VIP Visit to Disneyland but it didn't really say what. We went backstage and saw the ride vehicles for the Indiana Jones Adventure and Radiator Springs Racer. So fun. We had mechanics talk to us and tell us everything about the attractions and the vehicles. We rode Soarin' as a group than we went BEHIND the screen and watched it again. From behind the screen no one can see you so we watched other guests enjoy the attraction from a very unique view point. They let us sniff the scents too. Going in Walt's apartment ended up being very emotional for me, that was unexpected. Going to Walt Disney World Studios and Disney Archives was also more than expected. I stood where Walt stood, I saw his vision,I walked where he walked. Eating at the Walt Disney Studios commissary. Oh my gosh!! We were sitting with Imagineers! They pointed out Walt's office and the hospital where he passed away. Now I understand. He really could see the studios from his hospital room. The guides knew the history and gave us an incredible tour. The guides are uber Disney fans which you could tell listening to them. That makes a difference. You can hear their enthusiasm and love for this adventure. Holding Walt's Oscar was amazing. Going through a small portion of the archives memorabilia was incredible. We had a guided tour of Walt Disney Imagineering by an Imagineer. We saw future projects, heard incredible stores. What made it so special was all the little extras. The first night we were supposed to watch the fireworks at Disneyland but they were cancelled. We had our own private viewing area and everything. The next day we were at the Studios and Imagineering. On the bus ride back to Disneyland they announced if we would like to see the fireworks they arranged for us to have that space again and whoever wanted to go could. On the bus ride back to Disneyland they played Saving Mr. Banks, so cool because we just saw all that on our tour. It was all these little unexpected moments thoughtfulness and extra effort on the part of our guides that made this a very unique and unbelievable adventure." - Shellie D. Ready to see the difference Adventures by Disney can make? We're offering an exclusive departure of the Disneyland and Southern California Adventures by Disney itinerary August 2-7, 2020, with exclusive pricing and exclusive perks! Learn more here.

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