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5 Reasons Why Adults Love Disney Vacations

Vacations with Disney destinations have a reputation as wonderful family destinations, which is absolutely true, but this has also led to many people believing that Disney destinations are only for families with kids. This couldn't be further from the truth! There's an incredible variety of experiences on a Disney destinations vacation for adults - here's why adults love Disney vacations!

Disney Vacations are the Perfect Nostalgia Trip

Looking to take a break from adulting? There's nothing like a journey into nostalgia with a Disney vacation! One of my favorite places for a nostalgia trip is Disneyland Resort. The original Disney theme park offers so many classic Disney attractions for guests of all ages, and it's the perfect place for adults to feel like a kid again. Whether you're reliving memories from your first Disney theme park vacation, or you're visiting Disneyland Resort for the first time as an adult, it's a great destination to put on your mouse ears, indulge in some delicious theme park snacks, and treat your inner child.

Disney Vacations are More than Theme Parks

Perhaps when you think of a Disney vacation, you're only thinking of the Disney theme parks - we love the theme parks, but we know that not every adult is looking for a theme park vacation. The good news is, Disney destinations offer way more than theme parks! You can enjoy incredible service, entertainment, and dining as you hop around the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, or Alaska with Disney Cruise Line. You can also relax in O'ahu at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii. There are so many more options beyond the theme parks, so if you don't feel excited about the theme parks, or if you've been there, done that, there are so many more options to explore!

Disney Vacations have Experiences Catered to Adults

I've definitely taken more vacations to Disney destinations as an adult than I did as a child. One of the things I've consistently loved is how I not only get to enjoy experiences that make me feel like a kid again, but also unique experiences that I enjoy as an adult. One of the best examples of this is Disney Cruise Line - it has lots of great experiences for kids and families, of course, but there are also dedicated areas of every Disney Cruise Line ship, just for adults! From adults-only dining venues like Palo, to an adults-only pool and sundeck area (and coffee bar!), to an adults-only district with uniquely themed bars, lounges, and night clubs (like my favorite whimsical location, the Pink champagne bar), there are plenty of spaces that combine magical theming and storytelling with an extra air of sophistication for adults.

Disney Vacations Can Take You Around the World

Do you have a travel bucket list? There's a chance that it includes lots of beautiful destinations around the world - national parks, European cities, natural wonders, and so on. Disney destinations can actually take you around the world with Adventures by Disney! Offering VIP service, unique itineraries, and worry-free travel experiences, it's an incredible way to experience destinations around the world. Plus, Adventures by Disney has adult-exclusive departures for those looking for an adults-only touring experience.

Disney Vacation Magic Isn't Just for Kids

There seems to be an idea out there that adults no longer enjoy classic characters, fantastical stories, and the magic of Disney destinations once they've grown up. The truth is, the fun and magic of these destinations aren't just for kids! I know that my family has continued to enjoy our vacations to Disney destinations, even though we're all adults now. There's no reason to leave behind the things you loved as a kid just because you've gotten older - so whether you're on your honeymoon, taking a trip with your friends, or introducing your own kids to your favorite Disney destinations for the first time,

now is the perfect time to make that vacation dream come true!

From the incredible attractions and shows of the theme parks, to the stellar service and entertainment of Disney Cruise Line, Disney destinations aim to offer experiences that guests of all ages will love. Walt Disney said that Disneyland was a place for the young and the young at heart – and we’re all just a bunch of grown-up kids, anyway.

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