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Tips for Staying Charged on Vacation

There are so many ways that we use our phones on vacation now - keeping track of flight plans with airline apps, taking pictures and video, using official destination or cruise line apps, and playing games or watching movies while flying. As a result, keeping everything charged is important, whether you're a frequent traveler or taking your first big family vacation. Here are a few tips for staying charged on vacation.

1. Purchase a Power Bank or Portable Charger

One of the best ways to make sure you can stay charged on the go, is to be able to charge no matter where you're going! Power banks or portable chargers are available most anywhere that sells electronics. The one I use is Anker PowerCore 20100mAh, which can often keep me charged over a week-long trip without having to re-charge the battery. There are plenty of other options at stores and online, many for $30 or less, and they make sure that you always have a charging source.

2. Seek Out Charging Stations

Many airports now have outlets available, either at designated charging stations or built into the airport's seating. Seek out charging stations while you're waiting. Some destinations, like Walt Disney World, have even started putting charging stations into newer seating areas. One of our favorites is the seating area near the Tangled-themed bathrooms at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

3. Check Your Phone Settings

You can also extend your phone's battery life by paying attention to some of the settings on your phone. Turning off background app refresh or automatic syncing, putting your phone on low battery mode, and turning your screen's brightness down can help save battery. You can also keep your phone charged longer by putting it in airplane mode or turning off mobile data while you're not using it. Use WiFi rather than mobile data whenever possible, as well.

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