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Going Behind the Scenes with Adventures by Disney

You may have visited Disneyland before, or you’ve already thought about visiting – but, why visit with Adventures by Disney? Couldn’t you easily schedule a visit without going as part of a tour? Well, of course you can, but there’s so much more to Adventures by Disney than including your hotel and theme park tickets. Many of the experiences on Adventures by Disney can ONLY be experienced by Adventures by Disney guests. The Southern California and Disneyland Resort itinerary in particular has many experiences and backstage access tours that can’t be seen any other way. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes experiences you can only get with Adventures by Disney.

Walk in Walt Disney’s Footsteps

If you’re a Disney fan, you probably already know quite a bit about Walt Disney’s amazing life, and the story of how the Walt Disney Company and Disneyland Resort came to be. But, Adventures by Disney believes that seeing and experiencing offers much more than simply telling it – so, they’re going to show you these stories, in ways that you can’t experience elsewhere.

Here’s some of the ways you can walk in Walt Disney’s footsteps:

  • Take a step back in time to one of Walt’s favorite Hollywood restaurants

  • Learn the story of the Walt Disney Studios on a privately guided visit

  • See how the magic of the Disney Parks and Resorts are created

  • Go backstage at Disneyland Park to learn the stories and history of how the Disneyland dream became a reality

Private tour of Jim Henson Company Studios

Built on the former location of the Charlie Chaplin Studios in Hollywood, this historic studio is home to production offices, workshops, and development spaces of the Jim Henson Company. This studio does not offer public tours, so this is an experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

Exclusive tour of Walt Disney Imagineering

You’ll be able to get a firsthand look at some of the creations conjured up by the architects, designers, engineers, technicians, and others who make up the Disney Imagineers. See how the magic is made for an experience that you can’t find elsewhere.

Exclusive tour of Walt Disney Studios

Step into the iconic studios where masterful storytelling and technological innovation brought some of the most beloved stories ever to life. You’ll learn and experience the story of The Walt Disney Studios during a privately guided visit of the studio that created so many favorite animated and live-action films.

Exclusive tour of Walt Disney Archives

You’ll also be able to experience the rich legacy of the Walt Disney Archives as part of your tour, including historic collections and iconic film props. These rare tours are typically not available to the public – unless you’re on a tour with Adventures by Disney. After your tours you'll get to enjoy a meal at the commissary and browse the studio store.

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