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5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise

Sail into the heart of incredible cities and picturesque towns on a river cruise! An experience like no other, a river cruise allows you to explore the world’s waterways in luxury. Here are the top reasons why a river cruise should be your next bucket list trip!

See it All with Ease

A river cruise allows you to see multiple destinations, without the hassle of traveling between them. Instead of dealing with tour buses, hauling luggage, and constant unpacking and repacking, you can simply enjoy the stunning scenery as you sail to your next port of call. Plus, your river cruise ship will take you right into the heart of unique and historic cities, so you’re perfectly positioned for easy exploration.

Intimate Environment

You may be familiar with larger ocean cruises that sometimes sail with thousands of guests at a time, but river cruises are a smaller, quieter, and more intimate experience. Typically with no more than a few hundred passengers, and usually with only adult guests, you’ll be relaxing with the serenity and personalized service that river cruises are known for.

It’s All Included

Budgeting is easy with a river cruise, because so much is included up front! From your onboard accommodations, to dining, to drinks (beer, wine, & soft drinks are typically included at meals), onboard entertainment, and even select shore excursions, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your vacation. Want to stay a few days before or after your cruise? That can be arranged, as well. In addition, river cruise companies sometimes offer amazing promotions that include free airfare and airport transfers!

Planning is a Breeze

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the many incredible cities that Europe has to offer, but are worried about logistics and managing multiple hotels, transfers, and excursions, a river cruise takes care of all the details for you! Instead of dealing with a bunch of moving parts, you can relax and enjoy your trip in comfort.

It Can be More Affordable than You Think

If you’re sure that a river cruise is out of your budget, you may want to check again. Off-season times of year and special promotions, as well as occasional offers like free airfare, can make the experience more affordable than you might think.

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