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5 Things to Know About Visiting Sandals Resorts Now

Sandals Resorts are beginning to reopen throughout the Caribbean to offer their exceptional service and all-inclusive luxury once again! If you're thinking of a visit to Sandals Resorts, or their family-friendly Beaches Resorts locations, here's what you need to know!

Cleaning Measures

Sandals Resorts know that health and safety are at the forefront o everyone's minds as travel gradually returns, and in response they've established new, stringent cleaning measures, guaranteeing guests the peace of mind to enjoy their vacation with the utmost confidence. This includes an eighteen touch point cleaning practice throughout each resort, the ability to check in online and skip the front desk, and more. Learn more about the Platinum Protocol of Cleanliness.

Resort Reopening Progress

Many Sandals Resorts are now reopen and welcoming guests, but other locations are not opening up until later this year. Reopening dates may still be subject to change. You can see what we know about the reopening schedule, and which resort locations have already reopened, here.

Arrival Requirements

Due to the ongoing and ever-evolving situation, guests traveling to Sandals Resorts need to be aware of any additional requirements in order to visit destinations in the Caribbean. This may include filling out a travel authorization form prior to travel, or submitting a negative COVID-19 test. Failure to comply with travel requirements may result in denial of entry to your destination, so be sure to check on the most recent requirements and consult with your travel agent.

Dining Updates

In addition to new cleaning protocols, Sandals Resorts have also made updates to some dining procedures in order to make the dining experience as safe as possible or guests. Due to the limiting of capacity in order to promote social distancing, nearly all table-service dinner locations now require reservations. These can be made upon arrival at your resort. Also, dining locations that previously functioned as self-serve buffets now have waitstaff that will serve your selections.

Resort Entertainment and Activities

On-resort activities are included in the new cleaning measures Sandals Resorts have introduced so that the majority of land and water sports are still available for guests to enjoy. This also includes the Red Lane Spa and resort fitness center. Please note that some entertainment options and nightlife have been modified or put on pause in order to comply with social distancing.

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