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5 Things You Need to Do in Antigua

Antigua is a unique island among the Caribbean - one of the Caribbean's flattest islands, it boasts enough beaches for every day of the year! Of course visitors to Antigua want to enjoy the island's incredible beaches, but there's plenty more to do in Antigua.

Shirley Heights

One of the most popular and scenic attractions in Antigua is Shirley Heights. The heights themselves are a restored military lookout that also have a restaurant, but what most guests show up for are the views. The sunsets from this location are incredible, and during the day you'll find great views of Freeman's Bay and Falmouth Harbor.

Nelson's Dockyard

A popular venue for sailing events, Nelson’s Dockyard National Park in English Harbor is a cultural heritage site as well as a marina. The dockyard is the oldest running Georgian dockyard in the world, and has been made a UNESCO World Heritage site. Nelson's Dockyard is home to 18th- and 19th-century buildings housing shops, galleries, and museums, plus the area also offers scenic hiking trails. be seen in its 18th and 19th century style restored buildings, which today house shops, galleries, museums, and more.

Explore St. John's

St. John's is the capital city of Antigua, and the colorful town offers plenty to see and do. Visit the historic St. John's Cathedral, or head to Heritage Quay for shopping. History fans can also visit the ruins of the 18th-century Fort James and Fort Barrington.

Devil's Bridge

Devil’s Bridge is a limestone bridge in Antigua, which took its shape over many years of being carved out by the sea. Just outside the village of Willikies, the natural arc is surrounded by geysers and blowholes. This is a sight to see at high tide when water is forcefully pushed through the blowholes. As it is often very slippery, walking across the bridge is not advised, but it's a great sight to see from a safe distance.

Dickenson Bay

Of course, you can't forget about the beaches in Antigua, and Dickenson Bay is one of the best! With its extensive stretch of white sand and turquoise bays, it doesn't get much better.

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