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Choosing the Right Vacation for Your Family

Not sure how to choose your family's next vacation? Here's what you need to consider to start narrowing down the options and finding the best vacation destination for your family!

#1 - Time

How much time you have for your trip will already help narrow down your vacation destinations. At least a week really opens up your options, but if you only have a long weekend, long flights overseas (such as flying from the east coast to Hawai'i) will eat up too much of your vacation time. In that case, it's better to look at closer destinations - for instance, the Caribbean is much more accessible from the east coast.

#2 - Distance

Even if you do have enough time to travel a longer distance, that may still not be the best option. Longer flights are more difficult with younger kids. Think about how far you're willing to go for your destination, and that will help narrow your search. Keep in mind that more far-flung flights will also likely be more expensive.

#3 - Your Schedule

When you can travel will also help narrow down your destination options. Some vacations, such as cruises to Alaska, are only available seasonally. Other destinations are open all year round, but may be more expensive or crowded during high seasons. Family destinations are typically much more crowded during school break periods, so if you're traveling during those times, it's best to book well in advance.

#4 - Something for Everyone

When traveling with the whole family, it's best to choose a destination that will have something for everyone. You want a destination that has age-appropriate activities for the kids, and activities you'll be able to enjoy together. If you're also traveling with elderly relatives, keep in mind what they'll be able to enjoy, as well.

#5 - Budget & Value

Like many families, you may have a budget for your vacation that you're trying to work within. There are lots of early planning decisions that can help to save money, such as traveling in the off-season or traveling to closer destinations. There are also some great ways to maximize value for your vacation, such as all-inclusive options.

If you're not sure where to start for planning your family's next vacation, then be sure to work with an expert who can help you with all of this! Our Travel Pros are happy to assist to make sure you have the best vacation possible!

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