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Happy Star Wars Day! Here's 5 Ways to Celebrate at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Happy Star Wars Day, and May the Fourth be with you! For all of you Star Wars fans out there, it’s the perfect time to see the world of Star Wars come to life before your eyes! Journey to an all-new land in a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, featuring incredible attractions, adventurous encounters, and immersive theming to take guests right into the Star Wars universe. Here are the 5 most immersive experiences that Star Wars fans won’t want to miss at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, so that you can celebrate Star Wars Day any day of the year!

Droid Depot

Ever wanted to have your own little R2-D2 or BB-8? At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you can head over to the Droid Depot where you can build your own droid! Choose from an R-series or BB-series droid to assemble, and select from a colorful variety of components to customize your droid as they roll by on the shop’s conveyor belt.

Savi’s Workshop

If you really want to go full Star Wars nerd, then you don’t want to miss the chance to build your own custom lightsaber at Galaxy’s Edge! Guests can pay a visit to Savi’s Workshop to build a lightsaber in a guided interactive ceremony. Pick your style to determine the type of components you’ll be able to choose from for your lightsaber – Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature, or Protection and Defense. Once inside, you’ll be led through the steps of picking your kyber crystal and assembling your lightsaber – with a few surprises made just for Star Wars fans along the way.

The cost isn’t anything to sneeze at – about $225 after tax – but for hardcore Star Wars fans looking for a unique, intimate experiences that gives you a high quality, custom souvenir to bring home from your adventure on Batuu, then this is for you. Reservations are required.

You can check out more details on Savi’s Workshop in my report on my experience here.

Oga’s Cantina

There are few things that feel more quintessentially Star Wars than a cantina on a backwater planet full of unusual drinks and even more unusual characters. Star Wars fans who are looking for exactly this kind of vibe need to head to Oga’s Cantina in Black Spire Outpost.

Oga’s Cantina serves up unusual libations throughout the day, and some light snacks – keep in mind that it doesn’t serve full meals. Reservations are highly recommended in order to enter the Cantina. Seating is very limited, so a reservation doesn’t guarantee you a seat. Be sure to pay a visit to DJ Rex.

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

One of the most iconic locations of the Star Wars universe isn’t a place – it’s a ship. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run takes you inside the Millennium Falcon on a smuggling mission from Hondo Ohnaka (with reluctant permission from Chewbacca). Guests can take one of three jobs on the Falcon – pilot, gunner, or engineer. My tip is to try for pilot if you can get it, or at least gunner.

After you get assigned your role on the Falcon, you may have a couple minutes before heading to the cockpit – this is the perfect chance to get a picture by the holochess table! Once your group is called, you’ll head to the Falcon’s cockpit to begin your mission. Your decisions while you’re on the Falcon affect the outcome of your mission, and your experience changes depending upon your performance.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

The flagship attraction of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Rise of the Resistance allows guests to join the Resistance in an epic battle against the First Order. Rise of the Resistance is an immersive, thrilling, and surprising attraction – in fact, it’s best not to read too much about the plot of the ride before your first experience!

Rise of the Resistance can also be rather difficult to ride. Why is that? Rather than operating a regular stand-by queue where anyone can go get in line, Rise of the Resistance operates a virtual queue. Guests need to sign up for a boarding group through the My Disney Experience app, and can go ride when their boarding group number is called. There’s a limited capacity for boarding groups, so they run out quickly each day, and guests can only ride the attraction if they have a boarding group reservation.

This system can seem confusing or overwhelming, but that’s why I’m here – I keep track of this system and keep my clients updated on what they need to do to have the best chance of getting to experience this incredible attraction. That way, my guests can focus on their adventure in Galaxy’s Edge!

Star Wars Day is the perfect day to plan your voyage to a galaxy far, far away - contact our Travel Pros to get started!

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