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Spend a Virtual Day at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

I miss visiting some of my favorite theme park destinations under regular circumstances, and that includes Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World! If you’re like me and missing adventures to a galaxy far, far away while you’re staying home, here are some fun ways to spend a virtual day at Galaxy’s Edge!

Experience Galaxy’s Edge Attractions Virtually

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run – Enter the Millennium Falcon on an inter-planetary mission! Guests may be assigned to be the pilot, gunner, or engineer on board, and your performance affects the outcome of your mission. Take a virtual ride on Smuggler’s Run, or take a 360-exploration of the chess room.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance: Guests enter the Resistance side in a battle against the First Order in this incredibly immersive attraction, one of the most immersive that Disney has ever built. The trackless dark ride will take guests into the hangar of a Star Destroyer in the midst of a battle between the First Order and the Rebellion, including encounters with stormtroopers, full-size AT-ATs, and Kylo Ren himself. You can take a virtual ride on it here. (Note that if you haven’t ridden yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you may want to wait until you can ride it in person)

Savi’s Workshop – Build a custom lightsaber in a special, interactive ceremony! Choose among different themes and kyber crystal colors to create a lightsaber that’s uniquely yours. See what the experience is like here.

Droid Depot – Build your very own droid! Choose between an R2 or a BB unit. See what the experience is like here.

Experience the Atmosphere of Galaxy’s Edge

One of my favorite things about Galaxy’s Edge is exploring all of the details of the land! Take a tour of Galaxy’s Edge for a virtual exploration.

Bring the music of Galaxy’s Edge into your home! Check out the theme music for Galaxy’s Edge, or grab your favorite drink and put on this Oga’s Cantina playlist!

Explore the stories and some of the details around Galaxy’s Edge, or learn how you can use the Datapad through the Play Disney Parks app to add to the story of Galaxy’s Edge.

Taste Galaxy’s Edge at Home

Try your hand at making blue or green milk, the signature drinks of Galaxy’s Edge. For more adult libations, you can also try out these drinks from Oga’s Cantina.

For even more Galaxy’s Edge recipes to make at home, you can also pick up the official Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge cookbook including a variety of recipes around the land, including this one for the Ronto Wrap.

Plan Your Next Trip

Did you know that planning a trip is often just as fun, if not more, than taking the trip itself? Even though travel is paused for now, I’m looking forward to visiting Galaxy’s Edge once the situation has improved. If you’re also wanting a trip to look forward to, or even if you just want to dream a little, here are a few resources for you to start planning your next trip!

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