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What to Look Forward to at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

We're getting closer to the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! This new and immersive Star Wars-themed land will open in summer 2019 at Disneyland Resort and in late fall 2019 at Walt Disney World Resort. Since it’s time to get excited about getting to visit a galaxy far, far away, here are the top things to look forward to in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

An All-New Hive of Scum and Villainy

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will introduce guests to a new planet in the Star Wars universe, Batuu, and the Black Spire Outpost, an off-the-beaten-path haven for adventurers and smugglers. The outpost is named for the petrified remains of ancient, towering trees on the landscape, and it looks like guests will be able to see some of these formations in the distance when they visit. While the location will be new, the design and architecture still reflect the Star Wars universe that fans know and love.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

One of the two attractions that will open in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Rise of the Resistance will take guests into the hangar of a Star Destroyer in the midst of a battle between the First Order and the Rebellion.

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

The other major attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will allow guests to enter and pilot the Millennium Falcon in a mission. The set-up sounds similar to the mechanics of Mission: Space at Epcot, where guests each have a job to perform during the mission. Based on the information we have about the attraction, it may be different from Mission: Space in that how guests perform on the mission could affect the outcome of the attraction’s story. Announcements about the attraction have also hinted that guests’ actions on the ride could trigger other interactions or events in the land.

The Cantina

Ever since the announcement of a Star Wars-themed land, fans had speculated that a cantina a la Mos Eisley would be part of the plans, and indeed there will be an iconic cantina-style watering hole for guests to visit! The only specific food item they’ve confirmed is the infamous blue milk of Tatooine, though I’m excited to see what kind of food offerings they’ll come up with. The cantina will also contain the DJ stylings of Rex, the droid from the original Star Tours attraction.

Secrets & References

I’m very excited to see all the fun secrets, Easter eggs, references, and details that Imagineering has incorporated into these lands. We already know that the land is incorporating a few little-known references and characters, such as a street market run by Toydarian, a minor character we first saw in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

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