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Why You Should Renew Your Vows at Sandals Resorts

A Retie the Knot ceremony is the perfect way to commemorate the magic you two share, whether your marriage is freshly bloomed or seasoned with many memorable years. Whether you're celebrating your time together, or marking a new chapter in your lives, there's no better place than the idyllic settings of Sandals Resorts. So, why exactly should you retie the knot at Sandals Resorts?

Your Personal Planner

Just like with Sandals Weddings, with vow renewal ceremonies you will have your own personal planner to coordinate all the details of your vow renewal ceremony. They will help you set the date for your ceremony and go over location options and other details. Once you arrive at your resort, they also guide you through confirming your location and the details of your ceremony and reception.

It's All Included

The vow renewal ceremony already includes everything you need to make it happen, from all the details of the ceremony to providing everything for the reception. You don't need to worry about arranging all the different pieces, or making separate plans with several different venues and providers.

Customize It As You Like

The great thing about renewal ceremonies at Sandals is that they can be as simple or elaborate as you want. All the items from the ceremony to the reception can be customized, with a huge variety of options to choose from. If you want to go all-out and make up for the big wedding you never got to have, there are tons of options for you to make it your own. If you'd prefer to stay simple or are working within a budget, you can go with the elegant options already included in the vow renewal.

Celebrating Your Anniversary? Stay a Night for Free!

If you're having a Retie the Knot ceremony as part of an anniversary celebration, you can get one night of your stay for free! Nearly all Sandals Resorts offer a FREE night for Club or Butler-level rooms if you're staying within 30 days before or after your wedding anniversary date. Minimum stay requirements and other restrictions may apply.

Celebrate a Milestone - Or Don't!

You may think that you need a big milestone anniversary or event to have a vow renewal ceremony, but that's not true at all! While celebrating a big anniversary is certainly a great reason for a vow renewal, there are lots of other reasons that you may want to commemorate your time together and re-commit for the future. Maybe the kids are now off to college and you're entering a new chapter in your lives. Maybe you want to celebrate your or your spouse's retirement. Maybe you simply want to reflect on your years together and take time to appreciate them. Whatever your reasons, you don't have to wait until a particularly anniversary to renew your vows - it's all about what you want. If you feel like it's time, then the perfect time is now to Retie the Knot.

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