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5 Best Disney Cruise Line Bars and Lounges

I sometimes get odd looks when I mention that I’ve sailed with Disney Cruise Line without any kids, but the truth is that Disney Cruise Line has plenty for adults to enjoy, not least of which is the adults-only lounge districts available on each ship. These areas have a variety of venues, whether you’re looking for a dance floor or a quiet spot for a drink. I tend to look for the latter, so here are my favorite bars and lounges on Disney Cruise Line.

Ooh La La

If you’re looking for a quiet spot on the Disney Fantasy, our favorite place by far is Ooh La La. This intimate champagne bar offers Louis XIV-style furnishings and decor, accented by the whimsical champagne bubbles wall behind the bar. Enjoy several delicious champagnes and cocktails (my favorite is the Pomegranate Passion) while listening to live piano music.


Pink is the Disney Dream’s thoroughly whimsical take on the champagne bar. The bar is designed to look like the inside of a champagne bottle, with sculpted lightbulb “bubbles” behind the bar and, if you look closely, pink elephants can be found in the glittering walls.

Skyline Lounge

This lounge is available on the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream, and it transports you around the world as you enjoy your drink. The bar’s namesake skyline changes throughout the evening, as if you were in a high-rise lounge looking over different cities. The magical skyline gives guests views of London, Barcelona, Hong Kong, New York City, and more – plus, listen carefully, as the bar’s music changes with the view. The lounge also lets you travel around the world with drinks – the menu offers a variety of cocktails inspired by the cities you’ll see.

Cadillac Lounge

Located on the Disney Wonder, the Cadillac Lounge is a great option for enjoying a drink, an ocean view, and live piano music. The bar itself has an upscale Hollywood feel to it, with a slightly whimsical touch of headlight-style light fixtures, tailfin accessories built into the walls, and a car dashboard bar.

‘Snuggly Duckling’

While this bar isn’t quite available throughout the cruise, guests on the Disney Magic can enjoy the Snuggly Duckling after showings of Tangled: The Musical. O’Gill’s Pub transforms into the raucous bar from Tangled for the evening, and adults can visit for drinks and fun with some of the barbarians that frequent the Snuggly Duckling.

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