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What Visiting Disneyland with Adventures by Disney is Really Like!

You've already seen all the cool stuff that our exclusive itinerary with Adventures by Disney has to offer - if not you should check out to learn more - but what is this kind of trip actually like? Check out how awesome it really was for one of our guests!

Our guests were thrilled with their exclusive tour of the Walt Disney Studios - did you know that these studios don't host public tours? It's an experience you can only get on this itinerary.

The Walt Disney Studios tour let our guests see all kinds of Disney history - you'll learn and experience the story during a privately guided visit of the studio that created so many favorite animated and live-action films. You’ll also be able to experience the rich legacy of the Walt Disney Archives as part of your tour, including historic collections and iconic film props.

Guests even get the chance to hold Walt Disney's personal Academy Award!

Another exclusive experience our guests loved was the chance to tour the Jim Henson Company Studios. Built on the former location of the Charlie Chaplin Studios in Hollywood, this historic studio is home to production offices, workshops, and development spaces of the Jim Henson Company.

This historic studio tour is fantastic for fans of Jim Henson's incredible body of work, plus - you guessed it - they don't offer these kinds of tours to the public.

And all of that doesn't even include the amazing experiences our guests had at Disneyland Resort, from behind-the-scenes peeks to special access to the theme parks, including the chance for awesome, people-free pictures of the parks like this.

Interested in learning how you can also have these experiences? All the details and pricing can be found at

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