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Disney Bounding -- Who To Bound?

I think my favorite part of Disney Bounding is that I get to create sentences like "Who To Bound?" and they actually make sense in context. :)

The first step in this Disney Bounding process is to figure out who I want to Bound! I've decided to bound each day of our cruise, so I need to choose five characters. At first, this seems easy -- just choose five characters that you love. Done!

Then, I remembered that I have to buy the appropriate clothes for these characters. Then, I remembered I have a mortgage and children in college, so I need to have some semblance of practicality here. I decided to list all my favorite Disney characters which looked like this:


  • Evil Queen

  • Jack Skellington

  • Hades

  • Elsa

  • Dr. Facilier

  • Stitch

  • Moana

  • Mushu

  • Russell

  • Dug

Ok, that's a pretty good list! The problem is the colors are all over the map which means I'd have to buy a lot of different things. So, I looked at the characters who have similar colors. I figured if I had a similar palette, then I can reuse shoes, jewelry, etc. and enjoy Disney Bounding without having to sell a kidney.

Here are the final choices:

With a general color palette of black, purple, blue and grey (which are the only colors in my wardrobe anyway), I am good to go!

Now, it's time to start choosing outfits! What would you choose for each of these characters?

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